Scholarship Overview

Applications for the Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship are now being accepted from deserving individuals planning to enroll in a degree program at Victoria University of Wellington in 2023. The Vice Chancellor's Overseas Excellence Scholarship is designed to help deserving new international undergraduate students attend Victoria University of Wellington in 2023.

All scholarship offers are contingent on the winner enrolling full-time by the beginning of the upcoming trimester. The scholarship won't be paid until this stipulation has been fulfilled. The scholarship money will be used to cover school costs. The scholarship's terms will be outlined in a letter that recipients will receive; this letter can be used to obtain a visa. For instance, a student could pay their offer letter's stated sum less their scholarship award.

Host institution(s)

The host institution is Victoria University of Wellington, Australia.

Level(s) of study


Scholarhsip value

Academic excellence will be taken into consideration while awarding scholarships. For the first year of study, scholarships worth $10,000 will be used to pay for tuition.


Eligible candidates must meet the following:

  • The applicant must be a first-year undergraduate student from outside the United States who is paying all international tuition.
  • The applicants' GPAs should be in the A range (A-, A, A+), which is the equivalent to an A in the USA.
  • Students who attended a high school in New Zealand will be evaluated using their NCEA Level 2 or 3 Certificates with an Excellence endorsement.
  • The applicant's first semester of study must be in trimester one, trimester two, or trimester three of 2023.
  • Candidates must be enrolled in an on-campus program in New Zealand.

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Application instructions 

The scholarship is awarded automatically to eligible students; there is no application process. When submitting a study application, candidates will be judged based on their academic performance. The scholarship will be announced to the chosen candidates.

Please fill out the form to self-identify for the Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship if you are qualified and meet the requirements at:

Please be aware that submitting this form does not ensure you will be awarded the scholarship. Your candidacy will be evaluated in light of the scholarship requirements.