Scholarship Overview

The Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders Scholarships are awarded to highly intelligent students who want to be future engineering leaders.
The Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders Scholarship is one of the many engineering scholarships available each year. If you are a student who wants to study engineering in the UK for free, this is your chance. Apply for the scholarship, which is open to all international students.


Engineering in undergraduate degree.

Scholarship value

The scholarship is worth £5,000 and will be used for career and personal development activities over a three-year period.


Eligible candidates must meet the following:

  • Undergraduate degrees, including degree apprenticeships, must be completed at a UK Higher Education Institution.
  • You must be studying engineering or a related field.
  • Will have completed at least one year (full-time equivalent) of your degree and at least two years full-time equivalent (including the current year) before graduation
  • Will usually be a UK resident and eligible to pay UK home fees.
  • Language Requirement: English Non-English speaking countries must have English language proficiency.

Application instructions 

You should read the guidance note before beginning this application. All applications for Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders Scholarships must be submitted online using the link provided.

In order to apply to this scheme, you must first submit a written application. If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited to a Selection Event where they will decide who will receive an award.