Scholarship Overview

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) for the academic years 2024-2025 offers a unique opportunity for international students from developing nations of La Francophonie to pursue master's and PhD studies in Canada. This fully funded scholarship, with an average annual fund of $35,000, aims to bolster organizational capacities within recipient countries by enhancing the skills of college and university personnel, technical and vocational educators, and specialists and managers in various sectors. Managed by the Canadian Bureau for International Education / World University Service of Canada consortium on behalf of the Government of Canada, CFSP underscores Canada's commitment to international development and education.

Host Institution(s)

The CFSP partners with various Canadian institutions, offering a wide range of programs across multiple disciplines. These institutions are recognized for their academic excellence and commitment to fostering international collaboration and development.


The scholarship is available for master's and PhD level studies across a diverse spectrum of fields including but not limited to Business Administration, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, and more. This extensive list ensures that candidates can pursue their academic and professional interests, contributing significantly to their home countries' development upon return.

Scholarship Value

Recipients of the CFSP will receive an average funding of $35,000 annually, covering tuition, living expenses, and other academic costs. This comprehensive financial support aims to relieve scholars from the financial burdens of international study, allowing them to focus fully on their academic and professional development.


Eligibility for the CFSP is based on the following criteria:

  • Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in French, as it is the primary language of instruction and administration for the scholarship.
  • Eligible candidates include those from specific countries, including but not limited to Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Djibouti, Mauritania, Comoros, and other African nations.
  • Potential scholars are those identified and selected through internal recruitment campaigns within institutions in recipient countries, demonstrating an aptitude for contributing to their institution’s capacity building upon return.

Application Instructions

To apply for the CFSP, candidates must prepare and submit a comprehensive application package including an up-to-date curriculum vitae, institutional/individual needs questionnaires (for eligible applicants), a cover letter, objectives and goals document, certified copies of diplomas and transcripts, referral forms, and certified copies of the passport and birth certificate. Applications must be submitted to designated locations within the candidate's home country, adhering to the CFSP's unique application process. The deadline for application varies according to the country, emphasizing the need for applicants to verify specific dates and requirements within their home nations.