Scholarship Overview

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is offering the Four Years Doctoral Fellowship Program (4YF) for the academic years 2024-2025, designed to support both domestic and international students embarking on their Doctoral studies. This fully funded scholarship aims to attract outstanding PhD candidates to UBC by providing a comprehensive financial package that includes an $18,200 annual stipend alongside full tuition coverage for the duration of four years.

Host Institution(s)

The University of British Columbia, a globally recognized institution located in Canada, hosts this prestigious fellowship program. UBC is renowned for its diverse and inclusive academic environment, cutting-edge research facilities, and commitment to fostering the next generation of scholars and researchers.


The 4YF program is exclusively offered to students pursuing Doctoral (PhD) studies at UBC. Candidates across a wide array of disciplines are eligible to apply, ensuring that scholars in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, health, and many other fields can benefit from this fellowship to further their research and academic pursuits.

Scholarship Value

The 4YF Program provides recipients with an annual stipend of $18,200 and covers all tuition fees for up to four years of Doctoral studies. This significant financial support is designed to alleviate the economic burdens associated with pursuing advanced degrees, allowing scholars to concentrate fully on their research and academic development.


Eligibility for the 4YF Program is determined based on several key criteria:

  • Open to both domestic and international students beginning their first year of PhD studies at UBC, as well as continuing PhD students under certain conditions.
  • Candidates must not have pursued more than 24 months of Doctoral studies before the fellowship start date and should demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.
  • Holders of Tri-Agency awards (e.g., Vanier Scholarships, CGSD) automatically qualify as 4YF designates, with the fellowship providing stipend and tuition support once external funding concludes, up to the end of the fourth year.

Application Instructions

To apply for the 4YF Program, candidates must follow these steps:

  1. Admission Application: Submit an application for admission to the desired Doctoral program at UBC. All PhD applicants are automatically considered for 4YF funding upon admission.

  2. Graduate Program Nomination: UBC's graduate programs allocate 4YF awards to their top incoming and continuing students. Programs prioritize incoming students for the fellowship and submit a University Award Recommendation Form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies to confirm the selection.

  3. Submission Timeline: Recommendation forms should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the requested fellowship start date. It's crucial to check specific program deadlines and ensure all application materials are submitted accordingly.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to meticulously prepare their admission and fellowship applications, highlighting their academic achievements, research potential, and leadership qualities to maximize their chances of receiving this prestigious award.